Swarm catcher

Swarm Catcher

I started building these swarm catchers. I used one in spring 2023 to catch a swarm! It sits on the front of the hive and the worker bees must pass through the queen excluder that is built over the entrance. There is a sliding door on back side that can be closed to keep the bees in the catcher while you transport them to a new hive.

They are $65 each to build. There is a lead time so be sure to CONTACT ME with your interest as soon as you can.

I have added screws to be able to open the box in case the bees decide they would rather stay in the box rather than walking into their new hive. Compared to the cost of new packages and nucs, the box pays for itself when you trap the first swarm!

Here is a swarm that I caught in the swarm catcher.






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