Resealing the roof

wrapped in plastic

These rails where the fiberglass parts join had cracks in the seal and many of the screws were leaking. I took most of the screws out and re sealed them, ran new calking on the edges and just to be safe, I covered the whole seam with EternaBond tape.

I covered the motorhome in plastic and scrubbed with Fabuloso until all dirt and old sealer (which was chipping off) were removed. After that I used masking tape to protect areas that I didnt want the sealer to be on. I then used 2 treatments (which is recommended) of the Dicor Fiberglass Roof prep.

The result was fantastic!






2 responses to “Resealing the roof”

  1. Andy Avatar

    It should be mentioned that this roof looks to be resealed over the original one piece fiberglass roof prior to installing the dicor…..the one piece fiberglass roofs should not be sealed with anything other than a wax based sealer.

    1. admin Avatar

      I cleaned it first with Fabuloso then used Dicor Fiberglass prep, and finally used Dicor Fiberglass roof sealer. With Dicor being a major brand for RV sealers, and the product being made for a fiberglass roof like mine, it was the correct product.

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