Repairing the refrigerator door

Broken Door

Just a couple days before the end of our trip, I opened the refrigerator door at a campsite, and it flew off and hit the floor. The top hinge which had already been repaired once (Previous owner failed to lock the door closed before travel).

Engineering a solution. The first step is to find out exactly how it is supposed to work. To do this, I took a lot of measurements of the door hinge that was working.

I actually made molds of how the hinge should look. The goal is to place the new hinge at the exact location where the door seal will work as designed.

I purchased a new metal hinge (Which I modified to get the correct angle) and GorillaWeld from Home Depot.

The hinges were cut and bent as needed. I screwed them into the door and reenforced them with the GorillaWeld. Under the bottom hinge I added washers to get the correct height. This fix has lasted for 3 years so far.







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