Re-sealing all windows.


With all the leaks we had in January 2023, I decided that I wanted to re seal EVERYTHING. I watched this VIDEO and decided that this was doable so I purchased this kit from AMAZON.

I have always hated calking because I could never make it look nice. The video made it look rather easy and I would rather have it sealed than looking nice anyways. The video used Dynaflex 230 which did not come in the kit. I decided I wanted to try the Dynaflex 230 so I picked some up at Home Depot.

I found several signs of leakage when taking the windows out. I actually did all of the windows. Several of them had been done before as evidenced by the different material I found sealing them.

I really like the sealer rope that I used. It worked very well and I had to buy a third roll in order to seal all the window.

All in all, I got the job done and calking turned out better than any bathtub I have done!






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