New solonoid and fresh water pump

Replacing charge control solonoid.

I purchased a new charge control solenoid from Amazon before we left Maryland. I finally had time and good weather to replace it.

This is the one I purchased from Amazon

mankk Max 300A Continuous Duty Solenoid Relay 12VDC SPST 4 Terminal Starter Solenoid Nickel-Plating High Current Contactor for Golf Carts Winch Marine M-022-12V

While at Hernando Point, the fresh water pump decided to retire itself. We had to drive up to a Camping World just south of Memphis to get a replacement. Not including gas, it cost about double what I would have paid for the same part at Amazon.

For this I didnt have to drain the water take because the pump inlet is higher than the tank. It was an easy replacement especially since I had it off before repairing a water tank fixture leak.







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