Evolution of my Hive Scales

This is my award winning all-purpose screened bottom board with drawer space for IPM board, OA treatment board and integrated hive scale.

I started out using the Broodminder scale which uses a cantilever design. With this scale half of the hive is weighed and doubled to arrive at approximate hive weight. I have used at least one of these through the 2023 season and am quite happy with them. I really see very little practical difference using one of these vs using a full scale. Both work just as well.

This is my scale frame which has a built in ‘V’ shaped fulcrum in the front and the scale in the back. This keeps the bottom board aligned properly during usage.

This is my current design for an under-hive full scale. I have seen that Broodminder has an “H” shaped scale now, but I prefer the original design since it leaves the entire bottom open and debris from the hive can fall to the ground instead of collecting on the middle support running directly under the hive.

This is a graph from May 2023 showing the weight gain of one hive during the strongest part of the nectar flow. Scales make it easy to see when the nectar flow starts and stops. You can also net weight gain or loss during the summer and fall when you are feeding your bees. It’s no substitute for a hive inspection but it’s a great tool for keeping an eye on the girls anytime and from anyplace. When I am traveling mybroodminder.com keeps me informed on the brood temperatures and hive weights for all of my hives.






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