Beekeeping in Columbia, Maryland

  • Eclipse swarm

    Eclipse swarm

    On Monday April 8th 2024, I was in Dayton, OH watching the spectacular show put on by our moon eclipsing the sun. I did not know that a couple hours earlier, one of my hives decided it would be a good time to swarm. As you can see by the above graph, the scales took…

  • Evolution of my Hive Scales

    Evolution of my Hive Scales

    This is my award winning all-purpose screened bottom board with drawer space for IPM board, OA treatment board and integrated hive scale. I started out using the Broodminder scale which uses a cantilever design. With this scale half of the hive is weighed and doubled to arrive at approximate hive weight. I have used at…

  • New fruiting Pear Trees added to Apiary

    New fruiting Pear Trees added to Apiary

    Thanks to an Allview Neighbor, I was given several trimmings from their pear tree. I added several cuttings along the creek bank to help arrest the eroding of the creek bank. Also they have nice blooms that will the bees will hopefully find helpful. While working in the creek bed, I found several bees collecting…

  • Watching the Tulip Poplar trees.

    Here is a photo taken March 25, 2024. This is the high foliage of one of the tulip poplar trees at my apiary. Last year they started producing nectar right around May 1st. Hoping for another great crop this year! Tulip poplar nectar is one of the major nectars included in Allview Bee honey. It…

  • Website Hosting

    Website Hosting

    You may not have known that my Apiary is also a technology company. Yes COIN Services or Columbia Internetworking LLC has been home here since 2002. If you are looking for a website (or want to change yours), check us out.

  • 2024 Nectar Flow has begun!

    2024 Nectar Flow has begun!

    Here is a graph of the honeybee productivity this week. Clearly the nectar flow got a start on Tuesday and has continued through today!

  • Winter 2024

    Winter 2024

    Just a quick photo one winter evening in January 2024.

  • Wax extraction oven

    Wax extraction oven

    While I like my solar wax extractor, when we take frames out of the hives to prepare for winter, there is not enough energy from the sun to melt the wax outside. I built this oven so I can extract the wax year round.

  • Future Beekeeper

    Future Beekeeper

    Future Beekeeper shows that she has what it takes!!

  • Hives during flood

    Hives during flood

    Here is a view of the hives during a flood. This is why they are not on the ground.

  • Winter 2022

    Winter 2022

    Here is a view of the apiary in Winter of 2022.

  • Honey now available. July 2021

    Honey now available. July 2021

    First batch of bottled honey. Nothing was harvested in 2020. I sell it exclusively to neighbors during the last 2 weeks of July.

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