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  • Eclipse swarm

    Eclipse swarm

    On Monday April 8th 2024, I was in Dayton, OH watching the spectacular show put on by our moon eclipsing the sun. I did not know that a couple hours earlier, one of my hives decided it would be a good time to swarm. As you can see by the above graph, the scales took…

  • Closet pigeonhole cubby.

    Closet pigeonhole cubby.

    The bedroom has the solar controller and the CO/Propane alarm installed when we bought the rig. I never liked the fact that they protruded into the closet. When I replaced the solar panels I added a frame to re-mount them in and make the wall more flush. My original idea was just to make a…

  • Evolution of my Hive Scales

    Evolution of my Hive Scales

    This is my award winning all-purpose screened bottom board with drawer space for IPM board, OA treatment board and integrated hive scale. I started out using the Broodminder scale which uses a cantilever design. With this scale half of the hive is weighed and doubled to arrive at approximate hive weight. I have used at…

  • New fruiting Pear Trees added to Apiary

    New fruiting Pear Trees added to Apiary

    Thanks to an Allview Neighbor, I was given several trimmings from their pear tree. I added several cuttings along the creek bank to help arrest the eroding of the creek bank. Also they have nice blooms that will the bees will hopefully find helpful. While working in the creek bed, I found several bees collecting…

  • Watching the Tulip Poplar trees.

    Here is a photo taken March 25, 2024. This is the high foliage of one of the tulip poplar trees at my apiary. Last year they started producing nectar right around May 1st. Hoping for another great crop this year! Tulip poplar nectar is one of the major nectars included in Allview Bee honey. It…

  • Website Hosting

    Website Hosting

    You may not have known that my Apiary is also a technology company. Yes COIN Services or Columbia Internetworking LLC has been home here since 2002. If you are looking for a website (or want to change yours), check us out.

  • Block birds from building nests in my Air conditioners.

    Block birds from building nests in my Air conditioners.

    Last spring birds decided to make a home inside my back air conditioner. They didnt hurt anything but it was quite a mess. This spring I removed the air conditioner covers and added #2 hardware cloth over the vent holes where they were getting in.

  • Anti Robbing Screen

    Anti Robbing Screen

    Made to order. Choose 8 frame or 10 frame. Lead time will be quoted upon contact. $25.85 each. CLICK HERE to place order. Specify size.

  • NEW Mann Lake 10 frame outer telescoping cover

    NEW Mann Lake 10 frame outer telescoping cover

    Cover has never been used. Still has protective plastic covering the aluminum top. $36 Pick up only. CLICK HERE if you are interested.

  • 2024 Nectar Flow has begun!

    2024 Nectar Flow has begun!

    Here is a graph of the honeybee productivity this week. Clearly the nectar flow got a start on Tuesday and has continued through today!

  • 50 Amp retrofit for older motorhomes with 30 Amp service.

    50 Amp retrofit for older motorhomes with 30 Amp service.

    DISCLAIMER 1: Wiring should only be done by a qualified electrician. DISCLAIMER 2: Although I can now use a 50 amp campsite connection, my system still only allows 30 amps on the original wiring. WHY? My motorhome was originally equipped with an Air Conditioner switching system that only allowed use of one Air Conditioner at…

  • New battery shunt and monitoring system.

    New battery shunt and monitoring system.

    My old VA (Volt-Amp) meter on my ’97 Rexhall Rexair never displayed the correct current reading. In addition to that, the ‘charging’ light was always lit so I never really knew whether the batteries were charging or discharging. In addition to that, the old battery shunt was damaged. I may have done it myself, but…

  • New Medium Wired Wax frames

    New Medium Wired Wax frames

    List price is $5.50 each. Most forms of payment accepted. 5% discount for Howard County Beekeepers Association members and students. Pickup in Columbia (Near US29 and MD32). Frames will only be offered through March 2024. Must be picked up by 4/5/24.Current stock status: (Updated 3/18/24) In stock ready to sell 74 frames.Ready to build 120…

  • Winter 2024

    Winter 2024

    Just a quick photo one winter evening in January 2024.

  • Resealing the roof

    Resealing the roof

    These rails where the fiberglass parts join had cracks in the seal and many of the screws were leaking. I took most of the screws out and re sealed them, ran new calking on the edges and just to be safe, I covered the whole seam with EternaBond tape. I covered the motorhome in plastic…

  • Solar panel upgrade

    Solar panel upgrade

    The old ’97 50w Siemans on the right compared to the new Renogy 100w panels on the left. I wasn’t certain about the life span of my old solar panels. I knew they still worked, but I wasn’t sure how well. I saw that Renogy had their 200w kit on sale, so I decided to…

  • Marker lights and porch lights

    Marker lights and porch lights

    At some point during the last trip, this crack developed in one of the marker lights. The result was dripping on my wife’s road atlas which she had open on the dash. These lights are in a recessed socket. They seem to have a bad habit of filling with water. I ended up filling the…

  • Swarm catcher

    Swarm catcher

    I started building these swarm catchers. I used one in spring 2023 to catch a swarm! It sits on the front of the hive and the worker bees must pass through the queen excluder that is built over the entrance. There is a sliding door on back side that can be closed to keep the…

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