50 Amp retrofit for older motorhomes with 30 Amp service.

DISCLAIMER 1: Wiring should only be done by a qualified electrician.

DISCLAIMER 2: Although I can now use a 50 amp campsite connection, my system still only allows 30 amps on the original wiring.

WHY? My motorhome was originally equipped with an Air Conditioner switching system that only allowed use of one Air Conditioner at a time EXCEPT when running the generator. This modification allows use of both Air Conditioners at the same time.

Remove the 30 amp cable. Replace it with the proper 50 amp cable. Where the cable enters the rig, install a NEW 2 position braker box. In one position install a 30 amp breaker, and in the other install a 20 amp breaker. Hook up existing 30 amp wiring to the 30 amp breaker. Run a new cable for the 20 amp service to where your inside breaker panel is located. Add a new (second) transfer switch to this circuit. The inputs to the transfer switch are the 20 amp wire from the generator and the new 20 amp circuit you just added. The output goes to one of the Air Conditioner units (Mine runs the rear AC). You could optionally add an outlet to the new 20 amp service for your convenience.






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