Introducing the BEST bottom board available for beekeeping.  $259.99

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  • Full hive scale
  • Screened bottom
  • Removable IPM board
  • Can accommodate several options for pest management like sticky boards, oil trays and I have designed a Oxalic Acid Treatment tray that allows me to treat without removing entrance reducers and/or anti-robbing screens.

BLUE RIBBON WINNER 2021 Howard County Fair!

 Bottom view.

   View with OA wand inserted. (OA wand and adapter sold separately.)

Full Description:

As beekeepers, our job is to identify, respond to and minimize the stress that our honeybees are constantly exposed to.  I have modified the Mann Lake WW-690 (or WW-695) bottom board by adding two very important features to this highly functional bottom board that aid in hive monitoring and Oxalic Acid sublimation for Varroa mite treatment.

The WW-690 already has a unique opening underneath the screened hive bottom that can be used for an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) board which is a white board that slips under the hive. This is useful to see what is dropping out of the bottom of the hive or can be used to close the hive to maintain heat during the winter months. You can also insert a tray containing oil to trap and kill small hive beetle larvae.

I have also added a hive scale that monitors the weight of the whole hive. This allows you to monitor the honey production and consumption of your colony. This information is useful to know in order to add or remove honey supers, as well as monitor the weight, to assure there is enough food to feed your colony throughout the winter.

The scale consists of four strain gages located at each corner of the hive. Wires run from the strain gauges to the control box which contains 2 AA batteries and a Bluetooth radio. The data is then communicated to your cell phone or other device capable of reading and presenting the data. The APP I use is called “Broodminder Apiary” and the data is uploaded to a website at where the data is read and notes can be kept on the hives.

The Oxalic Acid adapter (Sold Separately) slides into the bottom board and provides safe and easy access to apply the sublimation while minimizing the hazard of igniting the frames just above the device. Lastly, be sure to follow all the safety procedures that came with your sublimation device as well as the label instructions on the Oxalic Acid.

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